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          1. About us+ more

            Ningbo Xian'An Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is located in Ningbo Shihua Economic Development Zone, within 2.5km to Ningbo Harbor Liquor Chemical Wharf, 38km to Hangzhou Kuahai Bridge, 11km to Ningbo Airport and close to national road 329.
            Our company introduces “microorganism catalyzing method” from Shanghai Biochemical Engineering Research ...

            News+ more

            Welcome to Ningbo Xian'An Chemical Co., 2015-9-14

            Acrylamide crystal 
            CAS: 79-06-1
            Molecular formula:C3H5ON
            Content: ≥98%
            Appearance: white crystal
            Packing: 25KG paper-plastic lamination bag in seal

            Acrylamide aqueous solution
            CAS: 79-06-1
            Molecular formula:C3H5ON
            Content: ≥98%
            Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
            Packing: plastic drum or dedicated tank car

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